When life gives you lemons, make use every part of it.

I have to admit that life brings you through a journey of adventurous soul searching. Ever since young, I was trained to believe in myself, learning by exploration and make forth the best results from these learnings.

Trust and Gratitude was one many life lessons that my parents shown to me albeit indiscreetly. And it took years to see, the importance of these 2 values when comes to adventures. I meant adventures, can be small ones to large ones where we go for a long trips, work related adventures or just a maybe a little adventure of finding a book to read. Perhaps, a soul searching adventure.

Trust is a fundamental aspect of human relationships and interactions. It refers to a firm belief or confidence in the reliability, integrity, and honesty of a person, group, or entity. When trust exists, individuals have faith in the intentions and actions of others, and they feel secure and comfortable in relying on them.

Trust is built over time through consistent behaviour, open communication, and the fulfilment of promises or obligations. It forms the foundation for healthy relationships, collaboration, and cooperation, enabling individuals to rely on each other and work towards common goals with confidence.

Gratitude is a positive emotion and a mindset of appreciation, thankfulness, and recognising the good things in life. It involves acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the kindness, help, support, or positive experiences one receives from others or from life in general.

Practicing gratitude can have numerous benefits, such as improving mental well-being, enhancing relationships, reducing stress, and increasing overall happiness.

It involves cultivating a sense of appreciation and actively expressing gratitude through words, actions, or thoughts. And gratitude allows individuals to focus on what they have rather than what they lack, fostering a positive outlook and a greater sense of contentment.

Trust and gratitude can play significant roles in a person’s journey of self-realisation and finding their true purpose.

1. Trust in oneself: Trusting oneself is essential for self-realisation and discovering one’s true purpose. By cultivating self-trust, individuals develop confidence in their abilities, intuition, and decision-making. This trust enables them to explore their passions, values, and interests, leading them closer to their authentic selves and true purpose.

2. Trust in others: Trusting and forming healthy relationships with others can provide valuable support and guidance on the path of self-realisation. Trusted relationships create a safe space to share thoughts, ideas, and aspirations, helping individuals gain insights, feedback, and encouragement as they explore their purpose.

3. Gratitude for self-discovery: Practicing gratitude during the process of self-realisation can be transformative. Being grateful for the strengths, talents, and experiences that have shaped one’s journey fosters a sense of self-acceptance and appreciation. Gratitude also helps individuals recognise the lessons learned from challenges and setbacks, which can provide valuable growth opportunities.

4. Gratitude for connections and opportunities: Expressing gratitude for the connections, opportunities, and experiences that come their way can open doors to new insights and pathways. Being thankful for the support, mentorship, or resources received from others encourages a mindset of abundance and fosters an open attitude towards exploring different avenues to discover their purpose.

By combining trust in oneself and others with a grateful mindset, individuals can navigate their self-realisation journey with authenticity, openness, and a deep appreciation for the experiences and people that shape their path. It helps individuals tap into their true passions, values, and talents, ultimately leading them to find their genuine purpose in life.

Journal: Week 3 – Day 16
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